Sunday, November 22, 2009

Party Time!!!

Yesterday we traveled south to state football games(Daddy stayed there all day) while Dylan and I headed south even more to go to Kennedy's 4th Birthday party!!! I can't believe she is 4!!!
Here she is with her cupcake, cake!! So cute and very good!!!

She even found a minute to sit with Aunt Ann to get her picture taken!!!

Kennedy got a huge doll house from Grandma and Grandpa Bergsten, so here is Dylan checking it all out.

Dylan slept through a little bit of the party, so he wasn't quite awake yet here(that why he's sitting on my lap!!!)!!!!

What a fun day!!! Glad we could help you celebrate Miss Kennedy!!! See you in a few days!!!


  1. Glasses? Really. You look all grown up.

  2. Yeah, I guess I am a grown-up now and even look the part. I woke up with a headache and those glasses were the only thing that helped yesterday.:-)

  3. Love the glasses! You look great in them! and the cupcake cake is adorable!

  4. Dylan's shirt is awesome!!! Go Cats! Hopefully, BB season will be fun!