Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We are having a rough week at our house. Yesterday we had about 8 inches of heavy snow fall and we lost power around 11:00 A.M. as did many in our area. So we headed over to my in-laws for the night. We recieved word today that it's pretty bad and we may not have power for a week!!!! So we are at my in-laws tonight again. Thank goodness they have a generator!!!
And today we have some very sad news. Our dog Kaci( the one on the left), was put down. She hasn't been well for a couple month now. They think she had diabetes but weren't sure.

We adapoted her, I think in 2005 from a family down the street from my parents. They wanted her to go to a family in the country where she could run. Well, boy did she ever!! I just think she loved it out here with us. Her and our other dog Ginger would just run and run. Kaci would always bring something back with her....a rabbit, mouse or anything she could find to eat!! And this girl LOVED to eat!! She would eat anything I gave her, even lettuce!!!! And if you ever came to our house, she was the one that was always barking when you pulled up and whinned when you got out, as she wanted to be petted!!!
Kaci was a great dog and we are really going to miss her!!!


  1. Ann,

    So sorry about your dog! When we lost our dog it was so sad too. I feel your pain. I really hope you don't have to wait a week before you get power!

  2. RIP Kasi. Ginger will sure miss you as will the rest of the fam. Your last years were great ones!!!

  3. Oh. I am so sorry. We loved her so. Is Ginger lonely? Bud could help her loneliness...

  4. I am so sorry Ann. Kaci was a nice dog. Hope Dylan's doing okay with it.

  5. Well, since we still don't have power I don't think Dylan has noticed Kaci is gone, as we are still staying at Ron and Anita's house. I think Ginger really misses her though, as do Shane and I. She was a great dog though.