Sunday, June 19, 2011

Last weekend

Last weekend Dylan was in the wedding of some friends of ours! He was one of the ringbears!
Here is all the guys together before the wedding! Dylan did so good looking at the camera and smiling!!

After the wedding the wedding party rode off on this.....And they even let Dylan go!! They went and took some pictures in our big town 2 miles away and were gone for about 1.5 hours!! They said Dylan was good....even funny......:-)

I liked the back of it!

Dylan couldn't wait for the dance and the first song he grabbed the 5 year old flower girl!!!

He danced and danced and danced.......for about 2.5 hours and then crashed!!! What a fun night!! Glad we could help you celebrate Schulyer and Staci!!! :-)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am back...

It's been a long month without a computer but I finally got my new one in!!! Here are some pictures from last week when my Mom and I took Dylan and my 2 neices Kennedy and Gentry to see Thomas the Train!!!
Here they are right after lunch!!

They had a lot of different activites for the kids to do and get this...they were all free!!! Expect for actually riding Thomas the Train! Dylan LOVED this slide!

Here they are in front of Thomas! Thomas needs to invest in a air-conditions...boy it was HOT!

We also got to ride a school bus and the kids also got to see on a Fire Truck!! What an exciting day!!!!:)
****I have been trying to "post" this for a couple weeks now and it wouldn't let me!!! My very smart sister-in-law gave me and idea and it thanks Kate!!