Sunday, May 30, 2010

All in one day......

We started yesterday at about 9:00 and we done by 4:00!!! Yep, we got about 95% of the house painted. We(more like I), have a few spots left and also need to get one section of the shutters hung up!!!
I think it turned out awesome!!

Here is a closer view!! I had greenish shutters before and love the color of these...they are called wine berry!! I got the paint and shutters at our local hardware store...P. Lumber!!

And a big THANK YOU to my painting crew.....Jenni, Jo, Kayla, Devonte', Morgan, and the 4 high school boys that came and helped!!! I got a little nervous but I made enough food to feed them all lunch yesterday, plus a few extras that stopped bye to just eat!!!:-)

Friday, May 28, 2010

I don't miss them.....

They have been gone for a week and I didn't miss seeing them at all!!!!
Every day since Feb.(I think) Dylan and I make our way up to the barn behind our house to water our(more like Daddy and Shaun's)cows. At first it's fun but after a couple months of going up there 2-3 times a gets old!!!
Here are just some of them....

Last Friday Daddy and Shaun loaded them up!! Here is Dylan watching...wishing he could help more!!

Here is Dylan showing me his little stick!!

Here he is telling the cows to get ready to go through the chute!!

Helping Uncle Shaun!!!

And when it was all said and done......all the cows went to the pastures!! Yeah!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been a whole week......

Without one of these............

And man do I miss it!!! No more caffeine for this girl for awhile!! I have had some
Caffeine free Diet Pepsi but it's just not the same!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Cousin

This morning Dylan and I went over to meet our newest cousin, Sophia Elizabeth!!! This is Shane's cousin Chad and his wife Libby's second child(they have a son Zac a couple months younger than Dylan).She is such a little cutie!! Soooo, soo small but had super long fingers and just so cute.

Dylan really liked her but enjoyed eating M&M's with her Daddy instead!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, I first did this post this morning and then I saw this picture of Shaun, Rachel and Dylan on I stole it and put it on here!! So that's way this post is all messed up now!! But this first picture is from Sunday at Rachel's party!!!

My project that I had going is FINALLY done!! I did scrapbooks for all the 4 graduating seniors football boys and I got them all done and on time!!! They were a lot of work but I really enjoyed doing it!! One of the boys last night told me it was so sweet of me to do that for him and he really liked his book!!!!

We had a great weekend getting to go to lots of graduations!! Of course we got to go out and party with Dylan's favorite girl!!!!

And Dylan even keeping asking yesterday if we could go back to Aaron's house to party today!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun times!!!

My neices Kennedy and Gentry are at Grandma Walleta's for the weekend, so she brought them up this morning to play with Dylan!!
Kenndedy could hardly wait to drive the new gator!!

Here they are eating their doughnuts!!!

Here are the 3 of them playing with the new baby kitties!!! We have 3 of them!!! I told Kennedy she could take it home but she didn't think her Dad would let her!!! We might just sneek one in her bag yet!!!:-)

We headed into the park!! They loved going down the slides!!!

And Grandma even got in on the action!!!

Thanks for coming to visit us girls!! We had a great time!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Prisoner

My backyard prisoner just about escaped this morning while I was making lunch!!!

He used his new gator to help give him a little boost!!

He just about made it over the 5 ft. fence!!!!!! And Shane gave me a hard time for getting one that high!!!
I think I might have to get him an orange jump-suit so I can see him better!!!:-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

He did great!!

This morning we traveled 1 1/2 hours(one way) to get tubes put in Dylan's ears(for the second time, in less than 2 years). He's had a TONS of ear infections, so we are hoping these tubes work!!!
Dylan was such a trooper!! He did great the whole time. He couldn't eat or drink anything all morning....he was really wanting some crackers!!!
Here is Dylan right before the surgery.........

Doesn't that just say it all!?!??!!!!!
When we got into the jeep to head home, we turned on his DVD player and he said right away......turn it down!!! So I think that means they worked!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Good News & Bad News

Okay, I will start with the good news......Dylan and I went to Salina today to see the ear doctor and besides having ANOTHER double ear infection, he gets tubes on Monday!!! YEAH, we are so excited!! Hope these stay in longer than the last set did!!

And my bad news is that my Grandma Betty who has cancer(she found out last year about this time) is in the hospital with a couple different things going on. So please pray for her!!!

I just LOVE this picture of her from last year at my cousins wedding. She looks so pretty.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As promised I said I would show you all what he ended up doing on Sunday!!! Shane was gone for a couple days(more like 3) on his annual fishing trip with members of his family and close friends. So most everyone went home on Sunday, so Shane called and asked if Dylan and I wanted to come down as Dylan has been begging to go out on the boat and fish!!!
Here are my 2 boys getting ready to fish....!!!

There was too much going on and Dylan couldn't just sit and fish so I took over his pole and sure enough I caught one!!!! Shane insisted on taking a picture!!!

Here are the other 3 that were still fishing from his group!!! The were quite the crew!!!

The water Sunday night was just like glass!!! It was sooo nice out. Here is a picutre from the lake where they stayed!!! They cabin is so nice and very big!! I hope to get to stay there some day!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010


Shane was gone for a couple days this past week and weekend so my sister-in-law Jenni and I decided we would make a quick run to K.C. for some fun garage sailing!!!
Here is my co-pilot ready to go on Saturday morning!!!

And boy did we have some barely all fit in the back end of my jeep!!!

My other SIL came along also but then had to leave but we met back up with Jolynn for lunch!!!

Here we are with the kids....they were so excited to see what they all got!!

And Dylan was THRILLED to find out that Mommy got him a John Deere GATOR!!! The lady had just set it out and it's in perfect condition and she only wanted $40.00 for it!! What a steal!!!

I had such a wonderful time.......we have to do it again next year!!!:-) Check back, as I will post next what we did on Sunday.......the picture in my header is the sneak-peak!!!