Monday, March 29, 2010

2 down and 2 to go!!

Well, Sunday I ended up getting a very lovely cold, with a very lovely running nose. So I haven't felt like doing much the past couple of days but I have got some scrapbooking done(only during nap time as we've been spending all our time outside enjoying the wonderful weather)!!!
I had made Shaun(my brother-in-law) a scrapbook of his senior year last year and thought it would be fun to do a book for the senior boys on the football team of their senior season..............thank goodness there were only 4 out this year from the senior class. It's turned into quite the project!!
Here are the 2 books I have done.

Here are a couple of my pages...nothing fancy(I don't think they will mind though)!!

I stamped some football on this page and made sure to clean everything up, before my "helper" got up from his nap!!! He would have LOVED to have help do that!!!:-)

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Shane and I just don't really ever take the time to sit down and watch a movie, let alone go to the movie theater(last time we went to the movie theater was in 1999 to see Water Boy). So last night after we put our VERY grouchy son to bed, I decided we should watch The Blind Side.

Just like everyone said it was just a great movie!! I figured Shane would like it since it had football in it but it was just wonderful. Very moving but very sad also.
We both highly recommend it to everyone!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Helper

Dylan and I had a whole list of things to do this morning and one was cleaning out the burm in front of the house! So I cut all the whole plants down and Dylan wanted to help so he would haul them off!!! He was actually really, really helpful and we had a great time!!
Here he is with the clippers and his wagon is full and ready to go dump!

Off he goes...

He would take it over to the fence and dump it into the pasture.

And then he would head back for another load!! He did this about 6 times!!!

Of course the last couple of times I had to bribe him to do it....and all he wanted was pop with his lunch(I can't image who lets him drink pop for lunch, as his parents don't), so since Daddy is gone to a farm show and wasn't going to be around for lunch, Dylan got pop!!!:-)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Slumber Party

My neices Kennedy, who is 4 and Gentry who just turned 2 in Jan. were up at Grandma Walleta's this week for spring break!!! Shane is gone this weekend for a coaching clinic so Dylan and I invited the girls up for a slumber party at our house!!!
Here they are last night!!

Gentry brought her bike to ride in the basement. She does really good on it!! She is just such a doll!!!

Here they are eating dogs and mac and of Dylan's favorites.

Here is what they did most of the night.....rode bikes around the pool table in the basement. They had a great time. Gentry was is in the background, she shot baskets for quite awhile and watched her crazy sister and cousin!!:-)

Thursday it was 65 and sunny. Dylan and I went to the zoo in the morning with Grnadma Walleta and her kids and then played at the park in the afternoon/evening.... 24 hours later this is what it was like outside!!! Crazy!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wedding Weekend-Part-2

At the reception and dance there was a photo booth!! It was so much fun.
Everyone got a copy and then the second copy went into a book for Sarah and Hadden....and a lady was working on the book right there!!! Such a neat idea!!
Hadden and all his college buddies/room-mates got their pictures taken!!

Dylan REALLY wanted to go in and get his picture taken so we made Zac go with him!!

The Groomsmen preformed YMCA and Dylan loved Daddy's hat!!!

Dylan just danced and danced and then would run a big circle around everyone...

He found one little girl he really liked dancing with....Jordi in the pink dress!!! She is a week older than Dylan.

What a fun night!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wedding Weekend-Part-1

This weekend we traveled west for a wedding. Shane's cousin Hadden got married!!! It was a great weekend...long but good.
Here is the bride and groom...Sarah and Hadden.

I really liked the cake table. See off to the right side....little fake fence like thing. Someones child knocked that all over......Yep, I think that Mommmy was so tired of chasing her 2 year old around for 2 hours while we waited on their Daddy to get to the reception that she sat down for a minute and that happend!!!! Nothing broke though, thank god!!

Here is Hadden's brother Chad and son Zac and Daddy and Dylan eating the very yummy supper!!

Of course Uncle Shaun was home!!!

Here is a shot of all the wild Groomsmen!!!

More to come of the dance!!!!!!!!:-)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last One

So this is my last post regarding the cruise. Every night we would come back to our room and our bed would be turned down and a towel creature would be on our bed. It was so fun to come back every night and see what they had made!!!
This first one was hanging from our's a picture wouldn't turn around so it's actually sideways.

It was just so much fun!!! And I promise this is the last one about the cruise!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On Wednesday and Thursday we had our stops in Mexico. So Wednesday we went on a excursion to a resort to hang-out, eat, drink and get some sun!! The picture in my header is my view from the lounge chair as well as this next picture.
That's where the food and drink was at. Such a pretty place. On our bus ride back to the boat we had a couple who had a little to much to drink and he threw-up all over the front of the bus.......lovely.

On Thursday Callie and I went shopping in all of the fun little shops at our port. Here are the guys waiting on good for them!!!

Then we walked like 3 miles into town. I was actually sweating while felt so good!! And we ate lunch at a place that had a guy singing.

Here's Callie.....

And Shane.......

What a beautiful place. Wish we could have stayed there longer than a couple of hours.
I promise only one more post regarding the cruise and then I'm done!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Here are some more pictures from our cruise. The first one is of Callie and I enjoying one of the drinks on the ship!!!

On Tuesday night was the dress-up night. I found my dress for $14.99!!!!! Crazy, uh!! I really liked it!! Here are Shane and I.

I really liked Callie's dress also, here are her and Brad.

All four of us, looking good!!!

This picture is suppose to be up and down but it didn't flip around. It's the middle of the boat and was always so pretty with the different lights!!

Check back tomorrow for more pics!!!:-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Well, we made it back from our wonderful 5 day cruise to Mexico!!! This first picture is of our boat,docked at Mexico on Wednesday. Wednesday was the first day we saw the sun so everyone was very excited!!!

Here is a picture of the waves on Tuesday. Man, we had some rough days and nights on the sea!! You could barely walk on the boat without hitting into someone. Tuesday night I just about fell out of bed because it was so rough!!!

Here is the middle of the boat where we spent a lot of our time just laying out. Usually we were up on the second deck. It was so nice, but sometimes a little windy.

Here Callie and I are laying out..kind-of. I was too red so I had to keep my long sleeves on!!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the first day of Shane and Brad just sitting around drinking!!! We hadn't left Texas quite yet.

So good to be home, we missed our little guys lots!!! I will share more pictures soon!!!