Monday, June 29, 2009

Harvest Time

Well, we are in the full swing of harvest right now!! Dylan and I have been missing Daddy the past few days so we decided to go down and take the guys their supper(that's my job...making food for 8 guys and delievering it)!!!

Here Shane is dumping on the truck.

Here is what they got tonight........I meant to take the picture before I package it all up....oh well.

It's 2 BBQ pork sandwiches(I cheated though, my Dad make the meat last week for me and tonight I just headed it up), baked beans and a piece of cake. Nothing fancy(the note on the one container says if you bring this back to the office, I will fill it up again tomorrow!!!):-) Here is Dylan helping Daddy drive!!!
Grandpa getting ready to take off in the big truck!
My favorite picture of the night!!! Shane is in the far combine and Uncle Shaun is in the one closer. Weird to think in 15 years, Dylan could be driving one!!!

They have a long week ahead of them to get all the harvesting done. Pray for no rain or breakdowns and happy harvesters!!!:-)

Friday, June 26, 2009


All this week cousins Kennedy & Gentry have been at Grandma Walleta's, so yesterday Kennedy got to come and spend the day with Dylan and I!!! We had a great time!!!
We played on the swing-set!!

Dylan was thrilled to have someone join him on his favorite swing!!We went into town to the pool and then when we got home Kennedy decided that her and Dylan need to wash Aunt Ann's Very dirty jeep!!! Here she is giving Dylan instructions!!!

"Way up in there Aunt Ann it's VERYYYYYYYYY Dirty"!!!!! She kept saying in her really cute LOUD voice!!!

What a crack up she is!! We learned a lot from her yesterday!!!! I just can't wait till the little sister starts talking as much as the big sister!!! HA backs are he**, Dana(I grew up listening to my brother talk NON-STOP)!!!!!!:-)

Thursday, June 25, 2009


2 of my good friends need some prayers!!! Jac, in the white shirt her little girl is sick and was in the hospital and then they moved her to a bigger hospital to try and figure out what's going on with her. And my other friend, Jenn in the middle just had her second child, a boy, Jace. Please pray that she has a quick recovery and gets to go home with her little boy soon.

I had to add this one of Jenn..........from last summer at our 10 class reunion. I just love this picture.......reminds me of our fun high school days!!!!:-)

Monday, June 22, 2009


The other night Daddy had some pudding so of course Dylan need some to. Not sure if he really ate any but he had a wonderful time with it!!!

He ended up with a nice little chocolate pudding facial!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


We went with my Mom and her kids and lots of friends to the park up north today!!! Wow, were their a lot of kids. I think at one point I counted over 50!!! And lots of helpers and adults. Lots of fun!!
Here is Dylan playing!!

Our friend Staci got to come along!! We also played at her house before we went to the park!!

Of course Marah was there and Dylan found her right away!! He can spot her legs from a mile away!!!!!!!!:-)

And we were never to far away from Grandma!!! You can kind-of see in this picture that Dylan has a few marks on his face!!! It's a lot worse it person.......he feel down the front 3 steps yesterday morning. Kaci hit him with her tail and down he went!!
I was so excited that my friend Brooke and her son Brillion came down from Nebraska!!! Brillion just turned 1 and is walking all over. He was soooo cute!! Glad you could come down Brooke!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So my Mom had SOME MORE picture of Omaha, but I can't help but share some more. I'm sure my faithfull readers won't mind!!!:-)
Here is Dylan and Shane..........this was Dylan's favorite thing....feeding the birds!!! You bought some bird seed on a stick and feed them. So neat but Mommy HATES birds so she stayed out!!
Here I am with my little brothers. Dana on the left and Jason(nice smile) on the right. Can't you tell they love me!!!
My Uncle Kelvin has been back visiting from Virginia and spending time with my Grandma Betty and he went along also. Can you tell him and my Dad are brothers????
Here is the whole clan!!!
Off to the pool!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just my luck......

We had an exciting weekend of 8-man All-star game, graduation party, baby shower and playing at Grandma's but I didn't get pictures of any of that because my camera died!!! I'm hoping that I just need new batteries and it's nothing serious!!!!!
So since I don't have any pictures from our fun weekend, I will show this cool double rainbow picture I took last week!!

If you want to see more pictures from our weekend in Omaha, check out my brother and sister-in-laws blog........ Kate got some cool ones from the pool at the hotel!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

All sorts of things.......

So the past couple of weeks we have been pretty busy with different things so instead of doing many different posts, I just decided to lump them together. Last Friday night we were out checking fields with Daddy and decided to take our poles along and do a little fishing. Here is Dylan and Daddy fishing together. I have decided it's one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken!!

Here we are helping Daddy plant a test plot. Mommy was busy treating the seed.

And then Daddy and Dylan would plant it.

We also played a little ball. Dylan loves his tee, bat and ball!!!

And we also did a little swimming. Here is Dylan's pool, which I think is the cutest thing ever!!

We are all hoping the sun will shine again soon!!! Have a great rest of the week!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Omaha Zoo

We celebrated my parents 30th Annviersary this weekend in Omaha with my family and Uncle Kelvin who is back for a few weeks from Virginia. I forgot my camera in the morning, so all of these pictures are from the afternoon.
Here is Dylan and I going across the bridge in the rain forest(which was my was amazing)!!!!
Another favorite of my.....the skyscape, which is brand-new!! Wonderful views of the zoo from up there. Dylan had to stay back with Grandma while Mommy and Daddy rode on this, as he wasn't tall enough to go on it!!
Daddy and Dylan looking at the butterflies!!
Dylan and Uncle Jason looking at the snake.......see Dylan's tight hold on Uncle Jason!!:-)
This is what Dylan enjoyed doing most of the day.......working on his starts!! I tell ya, we have a track star in the making!!! All you have to do is say.....Dylan, on your mark.........he he gets down and is ready to go!!!

And of course he found some water to play in.

This bird was very loud......Dylan didn't really like him.
One of my favorite animals to watch......the moneys. Here they are with some fish. We got to fish the fish!!!
Shane took this shot!!!
And this one.........
What a fun/long/busy/hot/crowded day but we enjoyed it!!! I'm thinking a nice relaxing cruise for their 35th anniversary........................:-):-)