Friday, July 31, 2009


Shane had meetings in Chicago a couple days this week so him and I headed up there, while Mr. Dylan stayed home with The Grandparents and also the Hays. We had such a wonderful time in Chicago but missed Dylan.
The first night there but took a walk down by the river. Here is a picture of the was just beautiful in person, this picture really does nothing for it.

We walked down to the Navy Pier then. We usually go to Chicago in December. I would really perfer to go again in the summer time!! So much more to do and the temp. was right around 70 the whole time we were there!!!

The company that we had the meeting with took us out in a limo that night and we bar hopped!!! It was so much fun!!!

Here is a picture of Shane with some of the guys we went out with. So strange that the guy on the far left graduated from the same small high school that I did and knows my Dad!! Weird that I ended up with him in a limo in Chicago!

The next night we went on a dinner cruise!!! Oh the boat was so nice and the food was good!! My mashed poatoes were to die for(Shane always makes fun of me when I say that)!!! But they were super good!! Of course I forgot my camera that night...darn it. They also had fireworks at the end of the night! So this picture is the one that the people took on the ship...not the best picture but the only one I had from the night.

What a great trip. We had a blast but were happy to get home to Dylan and can't wait to take him along to Chicago someday!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

More Birthday pics.!!!

Here are some more birthday pics. If you haven't seen the first set, scroll down. I posted some this morning.
Dylan got this tool set from Grandma and Grandpa Bergsten!! Daddy is excited that it has 66 pieces!!!

Cousin Kennedy made it!! She had to have some cake!!

Here we are lighing the candles

Uncle Shaun got Dylan a HUGE, LOUD plane!!

Here is Dylan's Blue's Clues cake. I wish I could take credit for all of it, but Anita did most of it. I just assisted.

Dylan celebrated today by going to the dr. for his well-child are his stats.....
35 1/2 inches tall
31 pounds!!
What a big boy we have!!!

He's 2!!!

What a fun time we had at our party last night. Here are just a few of the pictures that were taken. Might add more later!!!

Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends for making Dylan's day special!!! We love you all!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Party Time!!!

So we had a great weekend watching Shane plays softball at the state tournment!! They got 5th place out of 16 teams!! Played 5 games in 24 hours!!! PHEW!!
Here is Dylan with his girlfriend Jordy! She just turned 2 last week!!!

Shane is batting!! He hit one over the fence!!!

Here he is catching and our good friend Ben is batting for the other team!!!

Dylan's party is tonight!! His favorite Blue's Clues!!!

More pics. of the party to come...hopefully tomorrow!! A BIG thanks to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for doing the last minutes stuff for me and also for Anita cleaning the awfull backporch for me!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 Year Pictures

I can't believe Dylan is going to be 2 next week!!! Where has the past 2 years went!! Here are some of my favorites that my cousin Alicia took over the weekend!! She does such a wonderful job!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to one of my faith-full readers and a favorite girl of mine(and Dylan's)!!! Miss Liz turns the big 6 today!!! Hope you have a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Saturday night Shane and I headed to the derby to watch Shaun!! It was his first derby ever and he did great!! He ended up winning a heat and getting $100.00 and then made it to the finals!!

This last picture is of his big crew!! I think they all had a great time!! You can't see it but he put ours names on his car!! I wish I would have got a picture of it. They put Shane + Ann=Dylan on the trunk of the car!!:-)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Picnic- Night 1 & 2

So....I put night-2, Friday night first instead of Thursday night. Sorry....just bear with me!! So Friday we went into the Picnic and rode rides!!!

Here is Mommy, Daddy and Dylan on the ferris wheel.
Here is cousin Katilyn(who was our flower girl in our wedding), riding the little roller coaster with Dylan. He LOVED this ride. The first time on it, his face was priceless.

Here is he riding the motorcycle with cousin Zac!!! Oh, he also loved this ride. I think he spent 30 minutes on this one. The guy running the ride finally said, Dylan just stay there!!!

Grandma and Grandpa made the trip up and Grandma even got to ride with Dylan!!

So tonight his Mommy and Daddy's night without Dylan(he is headed down to Grandma Walleta's) so that we can go watch Uncle Shaun in the derby. I'm a little nervous about it but here is Uncle Shaun with his car!!! Good Luck!!!!

How we will jump back to Thursday night................

So the annual Picnic started on Thursday night wtih a parade. Here is our "float"!! The truck and seed buggy. Shane, Dylan, Grandma and Grandpa Ohlde and I all rode in the truck.

These crazy High school boys rode on top!!! Aaron in the red and Tyler in the gray are our hired hands, who we just love!!! And Jacob in the middle will be Shane's starting quartback in the fall.
Dylan loved all the tractors and "bines" as he calls them!

After the parade we went to the park and Dylan played while Daddy drank some "Daddy jucie"!!!

Then at dark we went to the ball field and watched the wonderful fireworks. They were so good!

Check back soon for some more pictures of the Picnic and Derby!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wednesday Rewind

So I thought I would show some pictures of Dylan from last summer!! It's so amazing how fast they change and grow!!
Dylan and Daddy......this is when he started loving hats!!
Dylan with Uncle Shaun!!! Shaun is one of Dylan's favorite words to say, really for no reason at all!!!
The annual Picnic is coming to town starting tomorrow!! We are so excited to go and let Dylan ride some rides again!! Here we are last year.
I LOVE this picture.....just look at that little belly!!!
More to come in the next few days of the Picnic......stay cool!!!!!!!!!:-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend recap

Shane's Mom, Anita had some relatives in town so Friday night we went over to their house for some good food and visiting!!!
Here is Dylan with is Great-Great-Uncle Bud!! He's quite the character!!! Everytime Dylan would shake Bud's hand, he would JUMP in the air!! Dylan found it quite funny!!!
Cousin Sheena brought her massage chair.........oh, she is good. I got in on the action too!!! Wow, it felt great!!
Here is Anita and her sisters, Eunice and Bev with their aunt and uncle Jan and Bud!!(You lucked out Eunice, I didn't get a picture of you eating this time)!!!:-)
Aunt Bev makes the BEST popcorn!!! Dylan and I ate half the bowl!!!!
No fireworks that night, as it was lighting so bad. So we went over on Saturday night to do some. Here is Aunt Jenni with her daughter Amillia, who just turned 7 months!!
My favorite picture of the night...........Aunt Jenni took this one!!
And she also took this one........
Here are some of the fireworks!!
Love this one!!
Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!! What nice cool weather we have been having. Enjoy your week!!!