Friday, January 29, 2010

Food on Friday

So I'm stealing the Food on Friday idea from Aunt Kelli!!!
Last night we had Chicken Enchiladas and I actually took some pictures(I always forget this part), so I thought I would share this yummy recipe!!
First brown your chicken and get it cut up really good. And then add some Chili powder and onion(I didn't add onion, Dylan doesn't really like it but I also though the chili powder might have been too much also).

Then in a bowl add 1/2 cup of sour cream, can of cream of chicken and 1 small can of green chilies.

Take your tortillas and put chicken down the middle and then add a little of your sour cream mixture. Also put some of the sour cream mixture in your greased 9 X 13 pan(so your tortillas don't get hard on the bottom). I think I ended up with like 8 in my pan. Also spoon some of the extra sour cream mixture on top of you enchiladas and also sprinkle with cheese(I used a Mexican kind). Bake at 350 for 25 minutes!! They were sooo good!!!

The other night Dylan and I made some home-made salsa. It's been awhile since I made any. I wish I would have taken pictures but didn't think about it until I was done. It's so easy to make.....take a can of tomatoes, a onion, can of rotel, salt, cumin, and some garlic salt(I even threw in some jalapenos) and put in all in a food processor and you have salsa!! I don't measure anything. We just throw and taste!!! Dylan threw a LOT of salt in and quite a bit of cumin also. Shane thought it was the best we had ever made!!!

And my little helper also helped me make these bars last night.....
1.5 sicks of butter
2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
mixed and then add
2 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
Mix together and fold in 2 cups of otmeal and spread in a greased 10 X 15 pan. Sprinkle chocolate chips on top. Bake at 375 for 10-15 minutes. So easy and so good. Dylan was an excellent helper!!

Happy Eating!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not in London!!!

So for my readers who are e-mail buddies of mine, no I'm not in London and no I don't need any money!!!! I had someone hack into my e-mail account yesterday afternoon(change my password and all my info. so that I can't change it back) and is sending out e-mails that I need money wired to me in London!!! One of my friends actually e-mailed them back(as a joke) and they sent her info. as to where she should wire the money and so on!!!!! Oh what a mess!!!
I contacted hotmail by phone and of course they can't help me over the phone because I'm not a paying customer, Okay, I understand that so, I had to fill out a form and am waiting to hear back on weather or not they are going to help save my account. So no e-mailing for me right now.
Thanks to everyone who let me know about this. Sorry for such a mess. And if I ever go to London, I will sure let you all know before hand!!!!
****As of today(Thursday), I did get my e-mail fixed. Hotmail came through and helped me out!!! I am so glad!! Sorry again to everyone who was caught up in that mess!!!****

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, today is day-4 of Dylan being sick. We headed to the doctor yesterday to find out he has ear infection(surprise, surprise) and strep throat. Also developed a rash all over his body. Today is the second day of meds. so I'm hoping by tonight/tomorrow we are feeling better and actually get some sleep at night!!!
Sunday his temp. broke for awhile so Daddy took him to fed the cows for a little bit. Here they are....

He has on his new work coat and coveralls that he got from Grandma and Grandpa Bergsten!!! And his stocking hat from his favorite quarterback. I thought he looked so cute.

Here he is today, looking much better. Still not moving very much.....but we did make it out of the chair some this morning to play downstairs, so that was nice.

Even though we haven't had much sleep lately, it could be much worse.....Daddy could be sick!!!:-)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Under the weather

Dylan started not feeling well in the night, last night(and was up for most of it) and then had a fever most of today. So he didn't get to go to cousin Gentry's birthday party..darn it. So tonight Dylan pulled out his doctor kit he got for Christmas from Cousin Amillia....
Daddy was the patient........

Dylan's temperature broke tonight so he is feeling a little better right now. Hope it stays away and we all get a good nights sleep......

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Away

We headed to here for the weekend. We went to celebrate my in-laws 35 Anniversary!! We had such a wonderful time. Only one night there, wish we could have stayed another night!!!
Here are Ron and Anita...

Here is a picture of the main cabin where they stayed, along with Jenni and Amillia and the bottom cabin where Jo and family stayed.

Shane, Dylan, Shaun and I stayed just cross the way in a small cabin. Here is the living room.......

Here is the upstairs where Shaun and Dylan slept. Dylan was so excited to sleep with Shaun again!!!

Yesterday afternoon Dylan was taking his nap, so I got to babysit Tristan(Mom and Dad went to Walmart) so we had fun playing together. We read Dylan's favorite book!!

In the big cabin they had a sprial staircase.......Dylan was in love with it!!

HUNDREDS of times UP and DOWN!!!

Here are the 3 cute Ohlde boys.......

Here are Ron and Anita with all their "kids"

What a fun relaxing weekend........I'm planning our next get-a-away for this summer....with my father-in-laws permission!!! Scary.........

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So we are on day-3 of Potty Training. Day-1 was great!! No accidents(pooped once in his pants but right now we are just trying to get the pottying down). Day-2 I put big boy underware on he is showing them off.....

I think his little bottom looks so cute in them......
anyways, that went awfull. Had 3 accidents just in the morning. So I decided to go to pull-ups. No accidents.

Day-3 pretty good. We have a ways to go but I feel like we are making some progress. Tonight we are trying big boy udnerware again. I think Dylan is like his Mom....we can't handle too many changes at once!!!! So pull-ups for now.
I will try and keep everyone posted on our progress!!!
Thanks for all the tips........

Monday, January 11, 2010


I feel like I've been alittle behind on my blog. I don't have any snow pictures on here yet!!! I just can't believe all the snow we have gotten!! Hopefully, some of it will melt this week!!
Here is a picture of our lovely, super dirty jeep on the road right bye our house yesterday. Look at all that snow!!!

Here is one from another stop bye our house. We have only been snowed in a couple of times because the guy that maintains our road is sooo good!! He gets our roads opened right away!! We really appreciate it!!

Finally after 2 weeks of super cold weather, Dylan and I got to play outside this morning!! It was so nice. And he also got to try out his new shovel from Grandma Anita!!! He LOVES it!!!

Yesterday we started to seriously potty train Dylan. He goes a couple times a day for us(before nap, before bath ect.) but we haven't done anything steady until now. It's going pretty good for it just being the first 24 hours. Only one accident but no poop in the pot yet......

So all you Mom's and Grandma's out there...any advice for potty training a little boy?? As a first time Mom, I need some advice!!!:-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome home!!

We have been in Topeka at the Farm Show since Monday afternoon. We just got home last night. No real exciting pictures from the farm show....sorry. Dylan fell on a lawnmower Tuesday morning and cut his mouth. Blood everywhere.....on him, on Mommy..but no picture. He is doing fine though.
Last night we got home. We had a nice time but very gald to be home in our nice warm house.
So this morning I get up to take a nice warm shower......
but wait....
no warm water...
just cold water..
Shane decides he can take care of it. That was at 9:00 or so this morning.

Bless his heart. He can do a lot of things but don't call him if you need a plumber!!
And you might be getting a knock on your door.......I still haven't had that warm shower yet!!!:-)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

At our House!!!

Yep, our last Christmas was at our house last night. I thought it went really well and we all had lots of fun!!!
We started the night off by playing games. Dylan was helping Daddy!!!

Of course I tried to get a picture of Aunt Eunice eating.......but I thought this was close enough!!!

After supper we opened presents.
And more is Grandma and Aunt Eunice. Never could get Aunt Bev, as she is always taking pictures also!!!

We played 2 big group games, the first one was a guessing game. You have to guess what was in the stocking only by feeling it........Mommy-to-be Jana won.

The second game was an opening game. You had to wear gloves and try to get the big package open, Kayla won!!!

Then we had the cousin get their pictures taken........of course the boys had to act up!!! Cousin Derek, back row in the blue shirt is a hoot!!! He always keeps the mood pretty light!!!:-)

And of course our favorite girl Rachel came!!!

And Dylan had a great time playing with cousin Amillia again!!!

Seems werid now that Christmas is over and the tree is down. Now I just wish the snow would melt and it would warm up again!!!!!!!!:-)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Tonight we went over to Shane's parents house for Chirstmas with them and his siblings.
Here is Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Shuan with their warm "special" hats on!!! Thought they looked so funny but warm!!!

Dylan got a new bath tub toy...a boat!! He was so excited about it!!

Dylan with his cousins Amillia who just turned one and Tristan who is 3 1/2 months old.

I thought this one was so cute of Amillia!!!

Here is Dylan with some of his favorite people......Shaun and his girlfriend Rachel(who Dylan calls his girl-friend)!!!

Tomorrow night we celebrate here at our house with more family!!!