Thursday, April 29, 2010


We had some work done to our backyard!!! We had a fence put up!!! It's been wonderful!!

Dylan likeS to also go out and play on the swingset that our handy-men Greg and Roger fixed. He will say "Mommy you make supper, I play outside"!!!

Grandma Anita went and got a load of sand for her sandbox she just had bulit and also for ours that we just had bulit(and some too for cousin Zac), so she dumped it last night up north of our house and we were so excited to get some in our sandbox we hauled it down with the wagon and a bucket.

Here Dylan is helping Mommy!!!

At last we made it to the sandbox!! We did about 8 loads and still not a lot of sand in the sandbox but it's such a busy time around here I'm not sure anyone will be able to help us for awhile so for the time being this is what we are going to do if we want to play with sand!!

So everyone is welcome to come over and play....just bring your bucket if you want to play with the sand!!!:-) LOL!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last night was Prom so Dylan and I head out to our favorite girls house to take some pictures with her and Uncle Shaun.
Here is Dylan with the two of them!!

I lOVED Rachel's dress!! She looked so beautiful!!!

So cute together!!!

Not a great picture of her hair but it was really cute!!

Rachel's parents have a little pond with fish in it and Dylan loved it!!

Besides Rachel dress, these were my other 3 favorites!! I was so excited that I actually found a picture of them all together!! I stole it though!!!:-)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Done raining, Mommy???

After it rained all morning Dylan was very excited to learn after nap that it had quit for awhile and we could go outside and play!!!

And it wasn't long until he found some puddles to play in!!!

He had a ball with his snow shovel!!!

By the end he was cover in mud but had a great time!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday Dylan and I went to our first bull sale with Daddy and Grandpa. Here are Grandpa and Dylan looking at the bulls.

Here Dylan is SITTING and that only lasted about 2 minutes and he was up running around again. Needless to say we didn't make it every long at the sale!! We headed to the park for an hour while we waited on the guys to get done at the sale!!

Tonight Grandma came over and brought her items she is putting in our garden!! Since Grandma turned her garden into a nice sitting area with a fire pit, she is going to plant her items in our BIG garden!!

Here Dylan is planting some soybeans in his area of the garden!!

Hopefully all the beans that he planted don't come up!!! At first he stayed in his spot and then towards the end was "planting" beans everywhere!!! :-)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

2 Visitors

We had 2 vistors today at our house!! Cousin Amillia came and played while her Mommy did some work!! Here are her and Dylan eating snack!!

She is getting so big and says, Dylan, Shane, Ginger but no Aunt Ann!! So we worked on that today!!!:-)

She loved this toy!!

Then Uncle Jason came tonight, as we were having trouble with our eletricity going out in the kitchen. So our favorite electrican came and helped us out!!! I knew some how, some way....he would come in handy someday!!!:-) HA HA!!

Dylan just loves him and of course had to help him out and follow him around all night!!!

Thanks Jason!! We owe ya!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning we met my very good friend Steph and her girls at the zoo!! It was such a wonderful day to be outside!!!
Here's Dylan getting ready to feed the ducks.

Here he is with Janea(who is 2 months younger than him)...I love how far back she is...she wasn't so sure at first!!!

Here they are looking at the bear(Dylan...keep your hands off Janea)!!!!!

The zoo was just beautiful today with all the bushes blooming!!!

I tried to get a picture of Dylan and Janea but I didn't have much luck!!

Here is Steph with her oh-so-cute newborn, Clara. She is 2 months old!! This is the first time we have got to meet her!!

And I thought I would dig a little and show a picture of the first time we meet Miss Janea.....Oct. of are her and Dylan!!!

Thanks for such a wonderful morning Steph, we had a great time!!! See you soon!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Fun!!

Today was such a beautiful day that we decided that we would take Dylan fishing. We all had such a wonderful time!!
Here is Daddy and Dylan with their big catch!! Dylan was so excited!!

The other Ohlde clan came out to the pond as is Tyler and Dylan

Here's a picture of the whole clan with Dylan.

Tyler with his big catch!!

Grandma and Grandpa also came out. Grandma and Dylan are talking about something here!

Daddy made a nice fire so here are Dylan and Mommy with their hotdogs!!

Ginger came along even though she wasn't invited!! She knew something was up and followed us a 1/2 mile(which she NEVER does) but she really wanted to come along, so we let her!!

I loved both of their looks in this picture!!!

And of course she had to get in and swim some!! She spent most of her time in the back of the pick-up as she wouldn't stay out of the water!!!

What a fun night!! We are going to do it again soon!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Aunt Eunice sent me a couple more pictures from Easter weekend at her house and I thought I would share a few(that I didn't happend to be in)!!!!
Here's Dylan playing in her garden!!! I really hope nothing was planted there!! He LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!!! Had such a great time and his brown socks proved it!!!:-)

Here is another one of Mr. Dylan playing in her little garden area. See the green things on the ground to the right.......yeah, flowers that are up....he was pulling those and planting them into the planter he is leaning on. Oh, I felt so bad. He did this a number of times but Aunt Eunice promised she didn't mind!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I took Dylan into the doctor on Friday afternoon as he was coughing and throwing up!! Ahhhhhh, what a long 24 hours that was.....with LOTS of laundry. But, I wanted to get him checked out before the big weekend.
They actually took his weight and height this time(usually never the height) so at
2 1/2 years old(and 2 months and 5 days).........

Dylan weight was 37 pounds and 42 inches long!!! I think we have a big boy on our hands!!!:-)
Don't you just love his pose in this picture.......Grandma Anita helped out with that on Sunday morning!!:-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

What a beautiful Easter weekend!! The weather was just PERFECT!!!! Which meant Dylan got to hunt easter eggs 3 times!!
Saturday morning we headed into town and Grandma Walleta came along!!! Here the are looking for some eggs.

Found one...

Here is Dylan's with his new easter basket. I thought it was really cute.

Saturday afternoon we headed west to Aunt Eunice and Uncle Steve's house. I found these nighttime glow in the dark Easter eggs!! They even come with a little flashlight(which Dylan loved), so you can hunt eggs in the dark!!

Here is Aunt Eunice and Dylan looking for eggs!!

Here's Dylan with his little flashlight!! It was just a really nice night to be out. I think the kids really enjoyed hunting in the dark.

Dylan was sooo excited when we got to Aunt Eunice's and saw that Rachel had come with Uncle Shaun!! He kept saying Rachel was HIS girlfriend all weekend!!!

Here is Amillia.....we finally got her to smile for a picture!!! She just turned 16 months the other day!! Her and Dylan had a good time playing together!!

Before church on Sunday Dylan and Eunice were outside playing!! He loved the slope on her sidewalk/driveway!!

What a great weekend!!! I wish I could have got more pictures from the afternoon(Dylan playing in the garden with Eunice, or the big boys playing basketball and also a group shot but my camera batteries went dead!!!)!!!