Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lunch Date

We hardly ever go out to eat, let alone out for lunch. So today was really special as we got to go out to lunch with Uncle Jason!!!! Shane has been gone alot lately, so I though since we are all ready in town for playgroup, we could eat lunch with Uncle Jason....just the 3 of us!!! But, while the 3 of us were eating I felt like people were looking at us thinking....what a cute little family!!! Once leaving the Pizza Hut, I asked Jason about it and it said he felt the same way...ewwwww...but we did have a nice time!!!! But maybe next time we should bring Kara or Shane with us!!!

Here is Uncle Jason and I the other night at Gentry's birthday party!!! And to think at one time, I was taller than him!!!!! :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow!

After just about having all our snow melt on Monday, we got more snow yesterday!!! It came down so pretty and was just beautiful out this morning!! Grandpa Ron came and cleared off our drive-way(thank you)!!!
I thought the house looked so pretty with the snow on it!!

Dylan and Ginger helped me with shoveling the walk...kind-of!!!

I think they just played more than helping me!!!!! :-)

Now after this snow melts, I think I will be ready for spring!!! :-)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Sorry, no pictures for this post!! I hate posting without pictures....
Anyways, this week we were in Topeka for the Farm Show with Shane. Monday night Shane, Dylan and I went out to eat at Chilies'!!! With the awful weather, not many were there eating. So we got sat next to 2 college aged girls. They ate and left and we were still eating. So when we got done we asked for our check and our waitress said that those 2 girls got our meal!!!!! WHAT? WHY??? And she just said that they wanted to do a Random Act of Kindness for someone!!! How nice!!! It just totally made our day and we wondered what we could do to pay it forward, so we decided to leave our waitress a $20.00 tip!!! So we left and as we were getting into our jeep we look back inside just in time to see her find the $20.00!!! That made my night even more, to see the excitement on her face!!! What a wonderful night!!!
Now my challenge for each one of my "followers" is to preform a random act of kindness!!! Now, it doesn't have to cost anything, or take much time...just be creative. Make someones day!!! :-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

My football player....

Minus his uniform........which he prefers!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011


Saturday night we hosted Christmas at our house for these 3 sisters and their families!!!

Dylan had to take a picture of Shaun and Rachel!

Here are all the boy cousins...

Here is Baby Allie celebrating her first Christmas and doing really well!!!

Dylan waiting and waiting to open his present!!

Shane and Allie's Dad Derek eating....

One of Dylan's favorite people was here to play with him Saturday night...yep, Aunt they are both being Buzz....

And hiding from me.........

And pretending they are snakes......

What a fun but late night!!! Can't wait till next year!!!!