Sunday, May 30, 2010

All in one day......

We started yesterday at about 9:00 and we done by 4:00!!! Yep, we got about 95% of the house painted. We(more like I), have a few spots left and also need to get one section of the shutters hung up!!!
I think it turned out awesome!!

Here is a closer view!! I had greenish shutters before and love the color of these...they are called wine berry!! I got the paint and shutters at our local hardware store...P. Lumber!!

And a big THANK YOU to my painting crew.....Jenni, Jo, Kayla, Devonte', Morgan, and the 4 high school boys that came and helped!!! I got a little nervous but I made enough food to feed them all lunch yesterday, plus a few extras that stopped bye to just eat!!!:-)


  1. Really like the house color and shutters! Makes it look totally different. WoW! You must've had quite a crew. Can't imagine getting that much done in day. They certainly work faster than I do. Fantastic job!