Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As promised I said I would show you all what he ended up doing on Sunday!!! Shane was gone for a couple days(more like 3) on his annual fishing trip with members of his family and close friends. So most everyone went home on Sunday, so Shane called and asked if Dylan and I wanted to come down as Dylan has been begging to go out on the boat and fish!!!
Here are my 2 boys getting ready to fish....!!!

There was too much going on and Dylan couldn't just sit and fish so I took over his pole and sure enough I caught one!!!! Shane insisted on taking a picture!!!

Here are the other 3 that were still fishing from his group!!! The were quite the crew!!!

The water Sunday night was just like glass!!! It was sooo nice out. Here is a picutre from the lake where they stayed!!! They cabin is so nice and very big!! I hope to get to stay there some day!!!


  1. Was this at Wakefield? Those cabins look really nice. What a pretty day to be on the water.

  2. Where were they? Looks nice!!

  3. They were down at Milford Lake. The cabins are just south of Milford, not very far(so south and east of Wakefield). They are sooo nice. It was such a pretty night out on the water!! We can't wait to go again!!!