Monday, May 3, 2010


Shane was gone for a couple days this past week and weekend so my sister-in-law Jenni and I decided we would make a quick run to K.C. for some fun garage sailing!!!
Here is my co-pilot ready to go on Saturday morning!!!

And boy did we have some barely all fit in the back end of my jeep!!!

My other SIL came along also but then had to leave but we met back up with Jolynn for lunch!!!

Here we are with the kids....they were so excited to see what they all got!!

And Dylan was THRILLED to find out that Mommy got him a John Deere GATOR!!! The lady had just set it out and it's in perfect condition and she only wanted $40.00 for it!! What a steal!!!

I had such a wonderful time.......we have to do it again next year!!!:-) Check back, as I will post next what we did on Sunday.......the picture in my header is the sneak-peak!!!


  1. Oh boy, Dylan will LOVE the JD Gator. We have one and Karle & Kahle drive it everywhere!!! Buy an extra battery if you can...they tend to wear down quickly when driven on the grass and stones!

  2. Too cool! You made out like a bandit with the price on the Gator! Maddie got one this last Christmas and she loves her's. She thinks it's more fun to run over mommy's feet with it. Dylan will have fun this summer for sure.

  3. So far Dylan has just loved it!! He is getting better at driving it also!! Thanks for the tip Mary on the extra battery....I think I will have to do that!!!:-)

  4. What bargain shoppers you both are!!!! Glad you had a good time and success!