Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My Football Player

I knew one of these day I would have a boy that liked to play football....I just didn't know it was going to happend so soon!!!
Grandma Walleta dug out my brother's football stuff from when they were little for her daycare boys to play with. So today when we were down for playgroup she got them out. Here's Dylan in his uniform!!

Here are the 3 football players and the cheerleader!!!
Weston- 3 1/2, Cole-3, Dylan-2 and Jorgia-3 And even though Dylan is the youngest by far, they are really nice to him and let him play!!

This is Dylan's favorite move......down....set....hut,hut!!!

Here they are taking a break because it was half-time!! The girls then decided to go out and perform!! It was so cute!!

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  1. Cole and Weston slept in the football pants. They put them make on for this afternoon. MOM