Monday, November 2, 2009


We had such a fun time trick-or-treating on Saturday night. Dylan enjoys it more and more each year.
It was Cousin Amillia's first time........she was a chicken.

Hard to believe she is 11 months old today!!

Here we are at the wild Hays house in C.C.!! They had 261 trick-or-treaters. We met up with Kennedy and Gentry there. No smiles for Aunt Kelli that night!! Too much going on!!!

Here are 3 of my FAVORITE trick-or-treaters. It seems just like yesterday they were this size. So cute and quite!!!

But, it wasn't just yesterday it was more like 11 or 12 years ago. Here they are Saturday night. They pulled the old cicle and square out of retirement!!! But, they are still cute!!! Just bigger and louder!!!

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  1. Amelia is SO cute! Please tell Jenni I said hi! I miss seeing her and pics of Amelia. Dylan's costume was adorable!!