Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Which is worse????

A Daddy that has been running a temp. and throwing up for 2 days or.....

A little boy that's crazy wild during the day and throws up and is up for a few hours the past 2 nights???

Or a diabetic dog that I have to give 2 shots a day to her for the rest of her life?!?!?(It's Kaci, the one on the left that isn't feeling well)

This is what has been going on at our house this week!!! Shane is on the mend, back to work today and Dylan is O.K. during the day......lets just pray I don't get it!!


  1. I think you forgot to add the fact that I'm sure you are now a single Mommy again for awhile, at least until after Fall Harvest! Hang in there kid!

  2. What a week! Hope everything gets better!

  3. Wow! That all sounds like no fun! Owen got sick 2 days after playgroup and now Miles has some issues. I am already praying for a healthy winter!!

    Hang in there!

  4. We ended up having to take Dylan to the ER this evening. Shane was at pracitce this afternoon and Dylan get kept throwing up and throwing up(8 or 9 times in 3 hours), I got scared and so we went and got Shane and headed to Clay. He got some meds. and a breathing machine and hope that we are better tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and concern!

  5. YA, that's a little too much stress for one week!! Glad the day so far is going better. Make sure you remind your husband how sick he was if you catch it & how you need to be pampered! Since I'm the animal lover, so glad to hear that you are giving shots even though it's a lot of trouble. Just too hard to make the decision to put them down. I know I won't survive!