Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to you..........

So I didn't get a card in the mail, so I thought this would be the next best thing!!!
Happy Birthday to one of our favorite people......Aunt Eunice!!!

This is one of my favorite shots of her!!! She thinks she eats and eats but she is super thin.....so I don't believe her!!!
This past weekend she was at our old college town visiting her daughter, and volunteered to watch Dylan ALL NIGHT LONG!!! So off Dylan went!!! He slept all night and also slept till 8:30(his longest EVER) the next morning!!! What an awsome aunt we have!!!
We love you and we will see you in a few weeks!!!


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! We could've done without the picture! :( Makes me look old, but then I quess I kindof am. :(
    Had so much fun with Dylan! After seeing how I took care of Dylan, Dusin and Jessa don't think it's a good idea to have any children. That's really a poor excuse if you ask me! :)
    Hope to see you at Linn game Friday night. :)

  2. Well, tell Dustin and Jessa they are crazy!!! You did a great job!! Dylan had a WONDERFUL time!!!
    So you are coming to the game Friday night??? Great!!!! Dylan and I will be there!!!