Friday, September 4, 2009

Good-Bye Twenties.............

I am having a birthday over this 3 day weekend and started celebrating last night when we made supper and Shane parents and sister came over and brought this cake to remind me how old I'm going to be.

And then this morning I got a suprise when these 2 plants arrived from Shane & Dylan!!!

And my wonderful friend Kelli is doing a lovely count down for me on my facebook page. So nice of her...............:-)
Hard to believe I'm leaving my twenties.
Many good times and many hard times.
But, either way I guess I am going to be 30!!!
I can hardly even say it though........


  1. The sad part is I'm old enough to have a daughter that's 30. It can't be true. Love MOM

  2. Happy Birthday Ann! I saw your name in the Dispatch on Friday. They say 30's are the best years! I wouldn't know though :)