Monday, September 7, 2009

Today is the day.........

And I'm happy to say I don't feel a year older!!!:-) HA, HA!!! Having a great day though. Dylan and I headed to town for the annual celebration this morning. I took some great picture of Dylan riding the 4-Wheeler "train" but I lost the cord to my camera, so no pictures yet of that!!! We lost our softball game at noon and are now getting ready for the 3:30 parade that we are in!!! Fun times!!!
My Mother insisted on me wearing this crown for a picture..........I think she seems to forget that her 50 BIRTHDAY IS 3 MONTHS FROM TODAY!!!!!!!

Someone put a BIG HUGE sign up at the ball park in town announcing my birthday!!! I think I know who did it though and she is in trouble and so are her 3 little helpers!!!!!!!!!:-)
Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

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