Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, I first did this post this morning and then I saw this picture of Shaun, Rachel and Dylan on facebook.....so I stole it and put it on here!! So that's way this post is all messed up now!! But this first picture is from Sunday at Rachel's party!!!

My project that I had going is FINALLY done!! I did scrapbooks for all the 4 graduating seniors football boys and I got them all done and on time!!! They were a lot of work but I really enjoyed doing it!! One of the boys last night told me it was so sweet of me to do that for him and he really liked his book!!!!

We had a great weekend getting to go to lots of graduations!! Of course we got to go out and party with Dylan's favorite girl!!!!

And Dylan even keeping asking yesterday if we could go back to Aaron's house to party today!!!


  1. What a neat keepsake for those boys Ann!

  2. Awesome job on those books!!! Only a coaches wife could keep all those articles and important times organized.