Sunday, August 9, 2009

Water Park

Dylan and I headed south with Grandma & Grandpa Bergsten on Friday night. We got the kids to bed that night and headed to Kohls, which was open until mid-night. And then I got up in the morning and talked my brother into taking me garage saling in Wichita! Luckly, he got an awsome deal on some sand paper!!! What a great brother he is.
On Saturday afternoon we headed into town to the new YMCA water park!! It is so awsome.
Here are some swings that the kids can ride on in the water. So neat!

The had a little sprinkler park where all the water shot up from the ground. Dylan had never seen anything like it before and loved it. Here is Aunt Kate, Kennedy and Dylan playing(and yes, Aunt Kate did wear a swimsuit, though you can tell from this picture)!!

Here is Dylan stomping on the water!

Kate, Dana and I headed down this orange water slide! It was dark and fast and very, very scary!! I only went down once.

This big blue bucket here would fill with water and then fall down on every one below. I'm pretty proud of this picture!!!

What a fun weekend. We were so glad that we got to go down and play!! Thanks for having us!!!

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  1. OMG! I do look naked....ahhhhhh! Thank the lord I didn't put all the people at the water park through that trauma! We had a great time w/ u guys. Glad you had fun. We definately have to do it again!