Monday, August 3, 2009

Give me a ride!!!

Anytime someone drives bye our house in a truck,4-wheeler, tractor and Dylan knows who they are....he has to have a ride. Even if it's just for a loop around our driveway.
Great-Grandpa Ohlde was the lastest who picked Dylan up while we were playing outside the other day.

Dylan wanted nothing to do with my camera!!!

Thanks to everyone who gives Dylan "rides" he LOVES it!!!


  1. What a treasure this photo will be when he gets older. How special to remember your great grandfather in this way! Another thing for you to do, Ann, start another scrapbook!!! Just what you have time for, huh?

  2. Well, speaking of scrapbooks, I have quite the list going right now. I have Shaun's senior year I'm trying to finish up. Dylan's baby book is full so I started a new scrapbook for him and try and work on it. Plus I have a family scrapbook that I'm doing. And I told our two hired hands, Aaron and Tyler's mothers that I would do a scrapbook for them of their senior year this year. you think I'm going to get all that done.......?!!? I don't know but I'm sure going to try!!!

  3. Thank goodness you have more energy than I. Plus you have a special talent for scrapbooking! Can't come up with the creative ideas. Good Luck with all this. I'll just keep sitting in my chair!!!!!