Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Headed West

So today is the big day that Uncle Shaun heads west to college. He starts football pracitce tomorrow. We are excited for him but yet hate to see him go and also go so far away!! It seems just like yesterday when Shane and I started dating and Shaun was just 6 years old!!!
Here are the Ohlde boys with Dylan on his baptism day.

Shaun was in Florida when Dylan was born at a LYF convention, so here he is holding Dylan for the first time....2 years ago!!!

Though he is all grown-up and 18 years old now I will always see him like he is at 8 years old at my 21st birthday party. I always enjoyed helping him with his home work, playing games with him and he always LOVED my hugs and kisses!!!!

Good Luck Shaun!!! We know you will do great!! We love you and will miss seeing you all the time!!!


  1. What's in that cup, Mrs. Ohlde?

    It is hard for me to think of him as a college boy....Where did the time go?

  2. Um....Mrs. Hays....I think it's juice!!! As Dylan would say!!!:-)

  3. OK these photos made my eyes water. How time goes and yet I'm so excited about getting to share in his new venture. It'll be fun to see more of the ohlde family in Hays. Can't wait for that! Be a good excuse for all of us to have more "juice"!!!!!