Thursday, August 27, 2009

Play date!!!

Today we had a play date with my good friend Steph and her just about 2 year old daughter Janea.
We meet at the zoo. This was Janea's first time going!! As you can see, she wasn't so sure about it at first. Bless her heart she tried to throw the duck some bread from all the way back there!!!

My favorite picture of the day.......wanting to get closer to the peacock but a little nervous about it.

Here Steph and the kids are feeding the birds..or at least Cousin Zac and Janea are...Dylan wouuld rather eat that bread than throw it!!

We actually got all 3 of the kids lined up for a quick picture. Aren't the cute???

After the animals we headed to the park to play and eat lunch. Dylan loves the sand diggers!!! He could spend all day on them!!!

What a great time we had!! Thanks Steph and Janea for meeting us!! We have another "date" set up for next month!!

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