Monday, August 17, 2009

Lake of the Ozarks

Shane and I got invited to the lake by some friends, so we headed down there this past weekend.
Here Shane and I are at a bar!!! Such a beautiful view!!

Here is the pool at the bar. You could swim up and order your drink. So fun!!

Here is the house where we stayed!!! Oh, just kidding. I told our friend Brad, I would tell everyone this is where we stayed. I loved this house though.

And this one too!! It was HUGE!!!

We went to another bar on the water(mile maker #20, I think Hays), it was called Dog Days. A guy Dale Blue was singing. It was good and very funny!!!

What a great time we had!! Thanks to the grandparents and Hays for watching Dylan. He had a ball with you all like always, and wasn't excited to see us at all!!!


  1. Ok so the picture at the top of Dylan is HILARIOUS! Dana and I both agree he looks just like his uncle Jason in that picture!!! Those houses were pretty awesome. You were right......a whole other world! Take care and we will see you @ the end of the month.

  2. Looks like you guys had a blast!

    Are the Palmer Labor Day tourney plans in full force?!!! This year might be the first year we may not be playing in it. Just not enough girls to play so we're not sure what we're doing. Maybe we'll just come and watch and mingle. If you know of anyone that may need a couple more people to play....keep us posted!

    I can't believe how old Dylan is getting! Looks like his daddy...

    Talk to you soon. Luv, Arica

  3. I like the photos will..I think lake of the ozarks is a wonderful place for the family and friends, especially to love once..:-)