Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What a way to start the day.....

So this morning Shane didn't have weights, so he was home. So I decided I would get up early and go for a morning walk. Ginger and I take off headed east towards my in-laws house. On the way over I remembered I didn't see Shane's lunch cooler so I decided I would stop at the place and get it. So Ginger was a little a head of me but I look up once we get to the house and see this guy......My father-in-law outside................

In his UNDERWARE and that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a way to start the day!


  1. Poor Ann!! Wonder who was more embarrassed? See just another reason to sleep in and not get too energetic first thing in the morning. Hope the rest of your day is going better.

  2. Good thing it was not before bed or you would not have been able to go to sleep! :)

  3. Did he know it? What a frightening sight!! Now I can't sleep--Ron in his underwear is all I can see. Maybe I can pretend it's Michael Buble' in his underwear. Now that helps I feel much better!