Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday guest

Miss Amillia came to play today while her Mommy went shopping wtih friends!!!!

We had a busy morning of riding bikes, playing in the sand, swinging and helping with harvest!!! I actually got her and Dylan to sit still for a minute!!

Dylan wanted Amillia to ride his bike with him but since Mommy said no to that he said, "Amiilia push me then"!!! And she was soo funny!!!

After lunch we headed to the pool!! It was Amilila's first time going this year and she did great!!! They both did!!

What a fun morning and Amillia was perfect.........too bad she can't rub some of that perfection off on her cousin!!!


  1. Looks like Dylan and his little cuz had fun together! Can't wait for him to come down to our pool/pools/waterparks!!! The girls will be really excited. Love the pic of him and Shane at the top. Hope you had a good weekend. Talk soon!

  2. She probably has rubbed some of the perfection off on Dylan, he just saves his BEST behavior for his mother. That's what Sheena did & still does!!! :(