Friday, June 18, 2010

2 days

We have had such a fun past 2 is a quick over-view!!
Thursday my good friend Brooke came down with her 2 year old son, Brillion!! He was such a good boy and talks up a storm!!! Here are him and Dylan at the park taking a break...lord knows what they are talking about!!!!

Today we traveled cross-country to meet Grandma Walleta and friends at the park!!! It was hotter than heck but we had a great time. Dylan really liked this slide.

Some of the "big boys" were playing football but you know who just jumped right in and played, of course!!!

Here is Dylan and his friend Angel Emma......her Mom swears and isn't always an angel but I don't believe her!!!

Here is the whole gang.....not really...they were more kids..probably 10 more that didn't get in the picture!! What a good time but I'm so glad I only left with 1 child!!!:-)

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  1. The first picture is the cutest!! They are having quite a conversation and it looks like Dylan knows exactly what he's talking about!!!