Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Here is Dylan on Christmas Eve, right before we headed out for church! Hard to believe it's Dylan's last year before he is in the Christmas program!! Crazy...

Dylan took this one of Mommy and Daddy all ready to go!!!

After church we head into Shane's Grandpa Ohlde's house. There are a TON of people there!!! Over 55 in his house....so I don't even try to take any picture there!!
Here is Dylan on Christmas morning....Santa brought Dylan a BIG combine like Grandpa Ohlde's!!!!!!!

And a big John Deere tractor and wagon!!!!!

And just like last year, right when he gets done opening his presents he calls Santa on his "phone" and thanks him for all his gifts!!!

We don't ever tell him to do that, but it makes me feel good and feel like maybe, just maybe we are doing something right!!! :-)

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