Friday, December 24, 2010

70's Party

Last night was the annual Christmas dress-up party on the Ohlde Side!! This year was the 70's theme! Dylan and I haven't been feeling the best so we didn't dress up but we still had a great time!!
Shane and Shaun got out their Dad's old basketball uniforms.....I just about pee'd my pants laughing so hard!!!

Rachel got in on the action too and wore one of Anita's old outfits!!! She looked super cute!!!

Coach Hadden dressed up and lead the boys through some drills, which again was super funny!!!

Anita dug out some old bridesmaid dresses!! I thought her and Jenni looked really pretty!!!

Later on in the night they started doing karreoke and the kids pulled up chairs and Dylan SAT AND WATCHED FOR ABOUT 10 MINUTES!!!!! Crazy, as this kid NEVER sits!!!

The sitting didn't last for long as Dylan got up and started playing his "guitar"!!!

Libby sang and Dylan just keep playing his "guitar"!!!! It was so cute!!!

What a fun but late night for us!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

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