Sunday, November 21, 2010

Party, Party!!!

Last night we traveled south to go spend the night in a hotel!!! Dylan was pumped to finally get to go swimming with Daddy!!!

This was the first time swimming with Daddy in a swimming pool!!! We've went with him to the lake but never the pool!!! Dylan was excited that he could touch!!!

Today we celebrated Miss Emery Grace's baptism!!! Doesn't she look cute......sorry, not sure how to get this picture turned around!!

And Miss Kennedy's 5th Birthday!!!

She got tons of cool Barbie things!! Dylan loved it all to!! And even went home sporting some eye shadow!!!!

And no trip to Wichita is complete without Dylan throwing up!!! Yep, sure enough he threw-up all his lunch!!! But, that's just how he is...doesn't phase him one bit!!! Those darn Ohlde genes!!!

1 comment:

  1. Seriously? Could you have put a worse picture of me on there? I have a real good one of you from the party ;) It might just have to make an appearance!!!!