Monday, November 29, 2010

2 Day Event!

On Friday I headed out on my 2 day shopping event!! I left my little boy with these two......I was a little nervous about that!!! :-)

Us girls shopped on Friday and then headed down to the plaza for supper and to take in the lights! It was my first time going...I don't get out much so as I oooo and ahhhh'd at everything...they made fun of me....

I loved all the horse and carraiges!!

The lights were really pretty!!!

On Saturday we met up for lunch with Anita's sisters and their girls...

I found some wonderful deals....I would love to show you them all but some of the "deals" are for people who read this blog, so I can't show you them but.....
I did find these jeans for Shane for $12.99!!!

And this head-lamp for Dylan.....he loves Shane's...I found this for $2.00!!!

And Tommy dress shoes for Dylan for $10.00!!!!!

What a fun 2 day trip!!! I was so glad to get away but so excited to see my boys when I got home!!!!!


  1. I want to oooh and aaaaaaaaah with you on these things, too:
    *the deals!!
    *the lights!!
    *the girl time!!!

  2. :)
    So glad you had fun shopping!
    I was excited about it too.
    Your deal on the head-lamp: I'm sooo jealous! Our 5 year old son would LOVE one of those!

  3. I missed the carriage ride the year we went. It was so terribly cold, I stayed inside and drank hot chocolate. Need to go back again!!! Shopping was a blast but don't think I purchased any bargains!