Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween weekend

We had a fun Halloween weekend at our house! Even though Buzz ran a 104 fever on Saturday evening, he woke up feverless and happy on Sunday morning!!
Saturday we made some bars......

And cookies..........

And carved our pumpkin and also Great-Grandpa's(sorry no picture of that one)

Or should I say I did all that while my boys did this........... HA HA, they are actually pretending like they are sleeping!! One of these boys did help me some, while the other helped me with NOTHING.....:-)

Last night we went trick-or-treating and ran into a super cute ghost!!! For some reason I can get this picture to turn the right way......

And we also stopped at The Hays.......they ended up with over 350 trick-or-treaters!!!

Buzz wasn't really into pictures last night, but it was still fun!!!:-)


  1. Cute pictures Ann! Love Dylan's costume. Too bad we don't live closer, Maddie was "Jessie" from Toy Story. That would have made a cute picture with "Buzz"!

  2. I can't believe Dylan didn't help you with the Halloween preparations!! Really surprised! :) :) Looks like it was a "tiring" blast!