Sunday, November 14, 2010

Curious George LIVE!

Yesterday we traveled with Grandma Walleta and some friend to see Curious George LIVE!! Dylan is a HUGE George fan!!! We were so excited to see him in person!!
Here is Dylan and I in front of the stage!

Emma and her mom Jana went with us! And so did Grandma Kirtley...but I didn't get a picture of her!!!

Here is a picture of Grandma with us!

The stage was so neat!!

This picture right here made the 3 hour ride one way worth it.......Dylan face during the first 10 minutes of the show!!!!!!

And then out came George!!!

And the Man with the Yellow hat....who I never knew had a name until we watched the movie and his name is Ted.

George cooking with the Chef

My favorite costume of the whole show.......a girl dressed up as a plate of spetgetti and meatballs!! It was too funny!!

What a fun day!!! Dylan has talked about it all weekend!!!

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  1. How exciting that would have been!!! My mouth would have been hanging open like Dylans! That is an awesome picture. Loved it!! Glad you were able to make it up there, snow and all.