Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Away

We headed to here for the weekend. We went to celebrate my in-laws 35 Anniversary!! We had such a wonderful time. Only one night there, wish we could have stayed another night!!!
Here are Ron and Anita...

Here is a picture of the main cabin where they stayed, along with Jenni and Amillia and the bottom cabin where Jo and family stayed.

Shane, Dylan, Shaun and I stayed just cross the way in a small cabin. Here is the living room.......

Here is the upstairs where Shaun and Dylan slept. Dylan was so excited to sleep with Shaun again!!!

Yesterday afternoon Dylan was taking his nap, so I got to babysit Tristan(Mom and Dad went to Walmart) so we had fun playing together. We read Dylan's favorite book!!

In the big cabin they had a sprial staircase.......Dylan was in love with it!!

HUNDREDS of times UP and DOWN!!!

Here are the 3 cute Ohlde boys.......

Here are Ron and Anita with all their "kids"

What a fun relaxing weekend........I'm planning our next get-a-away for this summer....with my father-in-laws permission!!! Scary.........


  1. What a fun weekend! I have to say, I'm a little jealous! I wish my family could come together and do things like that! Enjoy every minute that you have together, and w/ those precious babies... that time is priceless!

  2. My advice.......just do it. Set a date that works for everyone, even if it's only for a night...and go!! It was wonderful....... relaxing(or as relaxing as it can with with 3 little ones), but we had a ball....I'm going to plan another one for this summer.

  3. We stayed there for New Years. It is fabulous!! A good friend of ours is the son of the owners. We stayed in the white house across the street from the cabins and restaurant. It was really nice, but looks like we should have stayed in the cabins!

  4. Yeah, we have stayed in the white house also when we had meetings there one time last summer and didn't enjoy it as much as the cabins. They aren't huge but just right and so nice!!! Next time stay at the cabins for sure!!