Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not in London!!!

So for my readers who are e-mail buddies of mine, no I'm not in London and no I don't need any money!!!! I had someone hack into my e-mail account yesterday afternoon(change my password and all my info. so that I can't change it back) and is sending out e-mails that I need money wired to me in London!!! One of my friends actually e-mailed them back(as a joke) and they sent her info. as to where she should wire the money and so on!!!!! Oh what a mess!!!
I contacted hotmail by phone and of course they can't help me over the phone because I'm not a paying customer, Okay, I understand that so, I had to fill out a form and am waiting to hear back on weather or not they are going to help save my account. So no e-mailing for me right now.
Thanks to everyone who let me know about this. Sorry for such a mess. And if I ever go to London, I will sure let you all know before hand!!!!
****As of today(Thursday), I did get my e-mail fixed. Hotmail came through and helped me out!!! I am so glad!! Sorry again to everyone who was caught up in that mess!!!****


  1. I'm so sorry this happened to you. I sent you back an email this morning but your mom explained to me that it would have gone to the hackers. I could tell immediately that you hadn't written it. It was goofy!

  2. I knew you weren't in London because you would have never gone during the school year because you would want to take me with you. Or leave the Ohlde boy at my house for an extended visit.

  3. Your right on both accounts Mrs. Hays!!!! What a crazy mess!!! We might have to stop by soon, we haven't seen you people in awhile.

  4. Ann, you should tell everyone, "Yes, I need money"!!!! Might be worth a shot! :)