Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well, today is day-4 of Dylan being sick. We headed to the doctor yesterday to find out he has ear infection(surprise, surprise) and strep throat. Also developed a rash all over his body. Today is the second day of meds. so I'm hoping by tonight/tomorrow we are feeling better and actually get some sleep at night!!!
Sunday his temp. broke for awhile so Daddy took him to fed the cows for a little bit. Here they are....

He has on his new work coat and coveralls that he got from Grandma and Grandpa Bergsten!!! And his stocking hat from his favorite quarterback. I thought he looked so cute.

Here he is today, looking much better. Still not moving very much.....but we did make it out of the chair some this morning to play downstairs, so that was nice.

Even though we haven't had much sleep lately, it could be much worse.....Daddy could be sick!!!:-)

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  1. He does look pretty excited to be going to do chores. Silly boy!!! Hope he gets to feeling better soon. Sure wish the Dr. would put tubes in his ears. Those ear infections aren't good. They did damage to my ears because I had them all the time as a child. Very painful thing! Can't imagine having strep on top of that.
    Hang in there and hope each day continues to get better!