Monday, January 11, 2010


I feel like I've been alittle behind on my blog. I don't have any snow pictures on here yet!!! I just can't believe all the snow we have gotten!! Hopefully, some of it will melt this week!!
Here is a picture of our lovely, super dirty jeep on the road right bye our house yesterday. Look at all that snow!!!

Here is one from another stop bye our house. We have only been snowed in a couple of times because the guy that maintains our road is sooo good!! He gets our roads opened right away!! We really appreciate it!!

Finally after 2 weeks of super cold weather, Dylan and I got to play outside this morning!! It was so nice. And he also got to try out his new shovel from Grandma Anita!!! He LOVES it!!!

Yesterday we started to seriously potty train Dylan. He goes a couple times a day for us(before nap, before bath ect.) but we haven't done anything steady until now. It's going pretty good for it just being the first 24 hours. Only one accident but no poop in the pot yet......

So all you Mom's and Grandma's out there...any advice for potty training a little boy?? As a first time Mom, I need some advice!!!:-)


  1. Hey Ann....oh the joy of potty training.... honestly the best advice I got from some moms were after he catches on a little take away and pull-ups (obviously bedtime/naptime, different story)....and we did that and it only took a couple accidents in his underwear to get him to remember.

  2. We did pull-ups with Brecken, but waited until he was VERY interested & it didn't take very long - probably a couple weeks for him to catch the hang of pottying. Pooping took a little longer. With Leighton, we skipped pull-ups & went straight to underwear (the thicker ones by Gerber). The first two days were tons of accidents, but then he got the hang of it. I would say he was completely trained (without me asking) within a week. We did underwear at night too...sometimes with plastic pants over them. One hint with that - double up your sheets - alternate pad/sheet/pad/sheet. Then if he wets in the middle of the night, you just pull off the top 2 layers instead of remaking the bed! Good luck!

  3. wow that was a wordy comment...sorry ann! :)

  4. My boys have never used pull-ups until recently. We call them the "sick big boy underwear" b/c of the flu! :( I also made my boys clean up their messes! (I helped of course) They didn't like that very much and were potty trained SUPER FAST! I hope my girl goes as easy as my boys. Best of luck!

    After he has accomplished potty training the next step is checking out EVERY TOILET IN EVERY STORE/HOUSE :)

  5. One word... patience!!! Pull-Ups are a blessing when you need to leave the house while on this little adventure, but personally (other than night-time of course), I think that is the only time you should use them! I believe that if God hadn't planned on a few accidents here and there, he wouldn't have given us washing machines!!! Best of luck to you both! It's a hard time, a trying time, but you learn a lot from this experience... TRUST ME!

  6. Thank you all so much for your advice!!! We really had a wonderful first day!! He only had one accident all day and that was at 8:15 tonight......(a little poop, nothing to major). Lots of potty in the toliet but no poop....but I think all in all a wonderful day!!!
    Thanks again for all the advice. I really appreicate it!!!

  7. We are working on training Carter - the advice here is helpful for me too! We are currently working on the Potty Chart. Every time you go pee you get a sticker on your chart, poop is worth 2. Once you get 5 stickers, you get a special surprise. I just went to the dollar store and got a handful of color books & puzzles, cars & trucks. It sort of works for Carter. He's excited to get the special surprise at the end, but not so excited to do all the work required to get it!