Sunday, March 13, 2011


The first couple of days most of our group played volleyball at 11:00 and 4:00 everyday!

On Tuesday we went on a sunset cruise about 45 minutes away by boat. Once we got to our destination we could all get in!!! The water was 30 feet deep and you could see the bottom!!!

Shane, Chad, Libby and I all went down the slipper slide also!! So fun!!

And the four of us also swam back into the cave that was real close.

Here is Chad having a drink with our bartender on the boat!

Right when we got back to the resort we stayed on the boat to see a awesome sunset!!

Are you getting bored with these yet?? Well, still more Jamaica pics. to come!!! :-)


  1. The pictures are GREAT, keep them coming!! Right now can't imagine it being warm enough to be in water but looks wonderful. I'm ready for it to warm up and stay nice for awhile!! And as always, I'm sure just being there was 100 times more beautiful. Pictures just can't capture it all.

  2. Not bored. Keep the pictures coming!!!!!