Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 years ago today

3 years ago today I became a Mommy!!! Dylan is 3 today!! Where has the time gone!!! Some days I can't believe he's 3 and others I feel like he's been around forever!!!
Here is our first picture of our family of 3!!! I seriously look awful!!!

Here are the 2 Grandma's with him!!!

Babies change soo much from the first time you see them!!

Here he is at 6 months. The bag in the background is the business that we own!! One of my favorite pictures of Dylan!

Today we had his well child check and here are his stats.......
Height- 39 3/4= 95%
Weight- 38 lbs.= 95%
The doctor thinks he going to keep growing and be tall like his uncles(on my side that is)!!!!
Dylan, where do I start with you!!! You have such a BIG personality and are so out going!!! You always have a lot to say!!! You are always on the go and hate sitting and never sleep much past when the sun comes up!!! We love you very much and wish you many more happy birthday's!!!!!


  1. I think you look pretty good in your 1st picture of your family of 3! It's amazing how fast that time goes... Dylan's lucky to call you Mommy!

  2. I think you look great in your first family of 3 picture!! Happy Birthday, Dylan-boy!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Dylan!! Been thinking of him all day. Everyone is right, you do look GREAT. Now Shane on the other hand, looks so young in that photo. Sure glad you haven't aged like that!! Go ahead and tell him. He knows his aunt still loves him anyway!! :) :)