Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party Time!!!!

Tonight we had Dylan's 3rd birthday party at the park!!! It ended up being a really nice evening and we had an awesome time with friends and family!!!
Here is Dylan with some of his favorite girls....Kennedy and Gentry!!!

And also with his other cousin Amillia!!!

The food turned out great! Dad made the meat, which is always good!!!

Dylan wanted a Curious George birthday party this year!! His favorite show!!!

We were gone this weekend(watching Shane play softball) and so I started the cake before we left and some things to go on the cake didn't I had to improvise a little bit!!! Dylan didn't mind!!!:-)

Some of our FAVORITE people came!! Not sure what Aunt Kelli is talking about but she was really getting into it!!!

Dylan LOVED his cake!

So this is an awfull picture of us but it was the only decent one I got!!!

He did a great job blowing out his candles!

He had a couple helpers opening gifts!!!

Thanks to everyone who came(all 42 of you), you made Dylan's 3rd birthday wonderful!! He loves you all!!!:-)


  1. What a fun party! Looks like fun was had by all!!!

  2. I've was thinking of you this weekend. Thought maybe you'd celebrate then. Tell Dylan Happy Birthday from his Aunt Eunice as his card will probably a little late. Did you give him the Buzz Lightyear bubble gun? Hope it works!! Another exciting weekend ahead for you. I'll be thinking of you!!! Enjoy!!

  3. Eunice- Yes, he did get the Bubble gun!!! LOVES IT!! The other morning I was blow drying my hair and he had the bubble gun(without the bubbles) drying his hair too!!! So it's a duel purpose gun!!! Thanks for thinking of him!!! Now I'm trying to get everything ready for this next weekend!! It will be fun!!! Take care and talk to you soon!!!:-)