Sunday, July 11, 2010

Times 2

Now that we are done with harvest I thought this past week would be nice and quite. Not much going on....boy was I wrong!!! This girl here got put in the hospital on Tuesday night.

She was running a high fever and has a swollen face/jaw bone. They aren't real sure if she got bit by something or what's wrong. It just kept getting bigger and her temp. was high. So I went down Thursday night to stay with her for a few hours while her Mommy took a break!! Then I got a phone call that this boy had a bad dirt bike wreck!!!

Yep, my brother-in-law who just turned 19 on Tuesday and owned a dirt bike for 24 hours wrecked. And since my in-laws were in another state, we all rushed to the hospital to be with him. He has a real bad concussion and a bad cut on his leg!! Very sore and tired. We are hoping he will get out of the hospital today(Sunday).
And Amillia got out on Friday night but may have to go back in this week. Please keep both of them in your prayers!!
**A HUGE Thank you to the Hays Crew(see them on my side-bar blog list) for going to the ER and picking up Dylan and keeping him for us!! With both sets of Grandparents out of town it was nice to know you can count on someone to help you out!!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

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