Tuesday, July 6, 2010

HE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really thought maybe this day would never come!!! I thought maybe, just maybe I could still be wiping his butt in Jr. High!!!! But, HE DID IT!!! He pooped on his little toilet!!!
We had to put it in the living room!!! And get out combines but heck, whatever works!!

He yells...."Mommy, there something in the toilet!!!"!!!!!

We are soooo proud of him and let's just hope it continues!!!:-)


  1. Excellent! Good job D and momma! Our potty chairs were in the living room for a long time when we potty-trained. Boys just need their tractors/combines/loaders/dump trucks, etc!!

  2. Yay Dylan & Ann!!! Isn't that just about the best feeling in the whole wide world?! It'll be some sail'in from here on out!

  3. Ha ha ha as a mom I can't help but laugh and relate completely! Great job mom!