Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Potty Training is going....okay. Getting a B+ for peeing part and about a D+ for pooping. Last night he had to go, so I took his potty chair outside....whatever works!!!

Shaun update..... He made it home from the hospital on Sunday. He is looking a lot better and also getting around really good(he has on a cam boot and also crutches). And he has his only personal nurse..Rachel!!!

Amillia......Still wasn't doing the best over the weekend but got to go home. I thought Sunday she looked a little better and her swelling on her face had gone down some. But yesterday still a temp. so Jenni and Grandma Anita took her to K.C. and they did surgery on the big spot/lump(not sure what to call it) to drain it. It's such a weird deal, not sure how to describe it all!!! They didn't have to stay in the hospital but do have to stay down there as she has an appt. on Wednesday!
Glad that everyone is on the mend!!! Please continue to pray for healing for both of them!!


  1. We saw Shaun, Rachel, and Ron in the Walmart parking lot yesterday. So glad to see Shaun on his feet. Even with one leg in the boot! They told us about Amillia being in KC, poor little thing. I hope she is much better by now.

  2. I want to know if the chair in the yard worked? I hope so!! Dirty pants are such a disaster!

  3. No, it didn't!!! He's only done it really once in there...skips a day and then the next day is usally awfull!!! So I guess every other day I get off from cleaning dirty pants!! I really think it's going to get better...or at least I hope so!!!