Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ohlde Lake Trip-Part-1

After our fun trip to the cabins this past Jan. I booked some cabins on the lake for this summer, so the whole Ohlde Clan could get together again.
We made it there on Friday night and Dylan was excited to see that Uncle Shaun and Rachel would be staying in our room!!

First thing Saturday morning(Dylan was up by 6:30), Dylan, Ron and I headed out on the boat.......but of course I forgot my camera....thank goodness I got to go back and get it before the other boat headed out. Here is Dylan and Amillia on their boat ride.

Our good friend Kyle let us borrow his boat!! We were so excited!!! It was awesome and everyone fit on 2 boats.

Here's Grandpa in his boat!

These 2 are head to Fort Hays in the next couple of weeks for football and school!!

Miss Amillia in the water and she had to have a cookie too!!!

We saw someone we knew on the water.......Uncle Randy and Josh!!!! They were out fishing!!

We found a beach to go too!!! Which ended up being a hard task since all the high water the lake has had this summer!! We swam, played in the sand and ate lunch!

This little cutie will be 1 in Sept.!!! He just started walking and is sooo cute!!!

Miss Amillia and her Mommy posed for a picture for me!!!

More to come.........

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