Thursday, August 12, 2010

The only place to be.....

When it's this darn hot out, is the pool!!! It's been in the 100's all week!!! So we have had 2 pool play dates!!! The first one was at my good friend Jennifer's parents house!
Here is Jenn's cute daughter Aubrey who is 3 1/2!!!

Dylan loved the pool because he could touch at the shallow end! Here he is by Jenn.

There were frogs down in there and Dylan loved them....

Here are the 2 little swimmers in the pool!

Dylan called this his boat!

Jennifer's Mom is a wonderful cook and baker and Dylan LOVED her cookies!! I think he had 4 before big, bad Mom cut him off!!!

Today we headed to the pool with the newly engaged Miss Stacy!!! Here she is with Dylan!

Dylan ended up really like the slide!

Such a neat pool for a not so big town!!

We had a ball!!! And on the way home the temperature read 104 on the jeep!!!

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