Sunday, August 29, 2010

1st Game

Yesterday afternoon we made the long treck west to watch Shaun play in his first college football game!!
Here he is getting ready to go!!!

Notice his leg bandged up. You would think that would be from the accident he had in July....nope that's from getting stepped on in practice and having to go to the ER(again) and get 10 stitches in his leg!!!

Go Uncle Shaun Go!!

Dylan had a great time at the game and afterwards there was even a firework show!! Then we headed down to the field and a player #55, gave Dylan is wristbands that he wore in the game!!! So sweet!!! Dylan loved them!!

Here are Uncle Shaun and Rachel!!! Rachel survived her first week of college. We were all glad to get to see them!!


  1. They are truly FHSU students. Liked this picture. Reminds of a two other couples that were FHSU students. WOW! Seems like yesterday! Do kindof miss those days..

  2. The last paragraph isn't worded very well. May need to start wearing my glasses when I type. :(