Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday Dylan and I went to our first bull sale with Daddy and Grandpa. Here are Grandpa and Dylan looking at the bulls.

Here Dylan is SITTING and that only lasted about 2 minutes and he was up running around again. Needless to say we didn't make it every long at the sale!! We headed to the park for an hour while we waited on the guys to get done at the sale!!

Tonight Grandma came over and brought her items she is putting in our garden!! Since Grandma turned her garden into a nice sitting area with a fire pit, she is going to plant her items in our BIG garden!!

Here Dylan is planting some soybeans in his area of the garden!!

Hopefully all the beans that he planted don't come up!!! At first he stayed in his spot and then towards the end was "planting" beans everywhere!!! :-)


  1. OH how I wish I lived closer!!! That looks like so much fun! Yes, Anita's sitting garden is awesome! Too bad we don't have time to "sit"!!!
    I will be asking how those soybeans are doing!

  2. Looking forward to photos of the fenced in yard and the fixed swing set!!!!

  3. Yes, Euince pictures of the backyard are coming. I was hoping to get sand in the sandbox soon, so I could show that as well BUT, who knows when that will happend so I might just have to show it not qutie done!!!:-)

  4. Hey Euince, you have any room left in your garden!?!? I'm sure Dylan would love to bring some of his beans out to your place and plant them!!!!!:-)