Sunday, April 25, 2010


Last night was Prom so Dylan and I head out to our favorite girls house to take some pictures with her and Uncle Shaun.
Here is Dylan with the two of them!!

I lOVED Rachel's dress!! She looked so beautiful!!!

So cute together!!!

Not a great picture of her hair but it was really cute!!

Rachel's parents have a little pond with fish in it and Dylan loved it!!

Besides Rachel dress, these were my other 3 favorites!! I was so excited that I actually found a picture of them all together!! I stole it though!!!:-)


  1. Rachel's dress was so cute! And the other three were my faves too! Jaxon stayed w/ my Dad while Mom, Sam and I went to Prom Walk. He claims that they went to Dylan's house, but no one was home! Maybe next time!

  2. Awesome photos!! Rachel always looks GREAT! Yes, Shaun does too (just in case he checks the blog!). Loved the pond with the water coming out of the pipe. Reminds me of Mom's! Thanks for sharing!!