Thursday, April 15, 2010


This morning we met my very good friend Steph and her girls at the zoo!! It was such a wonderful day to be outside!!!
Here's Dylan getting ready to feed the ducks.

Here he is with Janea(who is 2 months younger than him)...I love how far back she is...she wasn't so sure at first!!!

Here they are looking at the bear(Dylan...keep your hands off Janea)!!!!!

The zoo was just beautiful today with all the bushes blooming!!!

I tried to get a picture of Dylan and Janea but I didn't have much luck!!

Here is Steph with her oh-so-cute newborn, Clara. She is 2 months old!! This is the first time we have got to meet her!!

And I thought I would dig a little and show a picture of the first time we meet Miss Janea.....Oct. of are her and Dylan!!!

Thanks for such a wonderful morning Steph, we had a great time!!! See you soon!!!

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